CT ABC and Volunteers Replace Roof for a Veteran in Norwich

Along with the generous support from a number of members, CT ABC was able to replace an entire roof for a veteran in Norwich.  The Family Program at the Connecticut National Guard approached CT ABC about a Sergeant, who is also the mother of two small children, that was in serious need of some home repairs. The roof of her 3 story house was almost 20 years old, damaged, and starting to leak. With the harsh winter months approaching, we made it a priority to do everything we could to try and get her roof replaced by the end of the year. Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation answered the call on this project, and generously stepped up to take the lead on rebuilding the roof. The project team dropped the materials off on a Friday, and were able to have the roof stripped and completely replaced by the following Thursday. This project was also made possible by the donations of QSR Steel Corporation, LLC, ENCON, Inc. and Electrical Contractors, Inc. Their support allowed us to purchase most of the materials for the project.

We want to again thank the team at Eagle Rivet for their work and dedication to completing this project, especially under such a tight deadline. The support throughout this past year from all of our members who supported Project Open Shop salute has been tremendous, and we appreciate your contributions to these military families that have given so much to us.