Construction Pro Rodeo

Plans annual construction rodeo event, construction career days

 Audra Antrum, CT ABC
Linda Baronowskus, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Scott Bidwell, EMCOR Services New England Mechanical
David Dedman, TradeSource, Inc.
Daniel Gates, Accra-Temp, Inc.
Paul Gray, EMCOR Services New England Mechanical
Robert Hollis, Central Connecticut Fire Protection
Tim Isyk, CT DOT
Robert Jacabacci, A.I. Prince Technical HS
Kelli McKeon, CT DOT
Jeff Neville, EMCOR Services New England Mechanical
Dave Pember, A.I. Prince Technical HS
Michael Salese, CT DOT
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC
Nicole Wells, A.I. Prince Technical HS

Emerging Leaders

Provides educational, professional development and networking opportunities to the CT ABC under-40 membership while encouraging CT ABC involvement from the future leaders of the construction industry

 Nathan Breglio, Crest Mechanical Services
Luke Conrad, Hinckley Allen
Chrissy Erdman, FERGUSON
Lauren Forgione, F&F Concrete Corporation
Steven Hasler, Modern Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Tessa Jordan, Nicola | Yester
Jackie Laramee, Network Interiors, Inc.
Jeremy Lynch, Resource Options, Inc.
James Miller, Marcum LLP
John Monico, Bruen, Deldin Didio Associates, Inc.
Darren Moon, Enterprise Fleet Management
Paige Sarazin, Sarazin General Contractors, Inc.
James Wiedemann, Marcum LLP
Tim Yester, CT ABC

Annual Meeting and Excellence in Construction Awards

Plans Annual Dinner and Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony

 Audra Antrum, CT ABC
Julie Carmody, Cianbro Corporation
Chrissy Erdman, FERGUSON
Suzanne O'Brien, CT ABC
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC


Plans annual golf outing

: Chrissy Erdman, FERGUSON
Audra Antrum, CT ABC
Matt Cocco, Travelers
David Dedman, TradeSource, Inc.
Darren Moon, Enterprise Fleet Management
Justin Rink, Interstate Electrical Services Corporation
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC


Guides and Supports CT ABC lobbyist.  Develops and implements strategies to protect the rights of Merit Shop contractors.
Tracks legislation on the State and Federal levels. Provides testimony to appropriate bodies.

: Robert Dunn, KBE BuildingCorp. and Brian Kronenberger, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Alfred DiVincentis, Esq., Halloran & Sage, LLP
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC
 Ross Gionfriddo, Halloran & Sage, LLP
Ron Jodice, PDS Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Steve Kolodziej, Esq., Law Office of Steven R. Kolodziej, LLC
Brian Kronenberger, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Jackie Laramee, Network Interiors, Inc.
Daniel C. Mahieu, C & H Electric, Inc.
Bill Malitsky, Halloran & Sage, LLP
Peter Martin, Esq., Hinckley Allen
Robert J. O'Brien, Esq., Shipman & Goodwin, LLP
Scott Orenstein, Goldberg Segalla LLP
James Paolino, Esq., Halloran & Sage, LLP
Debra Sarazin, Sarazin General Contractors, Inc.
Gary F. Sheldon, Esq., McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP
David Thompson, Allstate Fire Systems
Tim Yester, CT ABC

Member Recruitment

Studies and recommends policies to the Board of Directors related to acquisition and retention of members. 
Implements strategies for recruiting new members for the association.

: Norman J. Yester, CPA, Nicola | Yester
Matt Cocco, Travelers
James Miller, Marcum LLP
Joe Modugno, J&B Mechanical Contractors, LLC
John Monico, Bruen, Deldin Didio Associates, Inc.
Jim Mullally, Nosal Builders, Inc.
Joseph Natarelli, Marcum LLP
Tim O'Brien, KBE Building Corporation
Travis Ramsdell, Maffe Financial
Janice Strasser, Tracy-Driscoll Insurance & Financial Services
Eugene Torone, S/L/A/M Construction Services
Tim Yester, CT ABC

Open Shop Salute

Community service program designed to give back to our servicemen by providing construction and maintenance to their homes

: Bob Jacobsen, BCI, Inc. D/B/A Butler Company/ Vince Atwater Young, G. Donovan Associates, Inc.
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC
Louis Gold, People's United Insurance Agency/R.C. Knox Div.
Scott Herold, Macri Associates, Inc.
Suzanne O'Brien, CT ABC
Rita O'Donnell, Connecticut National Guard Family Programs
Lindsey Rohner, Hartford Vet Center
Greg Secord, Rebuilding Together New Britain


Monitors and fights union-only Project Labor Agreements (PLAs); Oversees media campaigns against PLAs; Tracks projects likely to go PLA

: Bryan Addy, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Jeff Clement, Modern Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC
Jackie Laramee, Network Interiors, Inc.
Ryan O'Donnell Esq., Siegel, O'Connor, O'Donnell & Beck, P.C.
Ron Penton, LaRosa Building Group, LLC
Justin RInk, Interstate Electrical Services Corporation
Tom Wilkinson, Advantage Maintenance, LLC


Oversees yearly safety events such as ABC’s of Safety, STEP workshops, quarterly safety seminars and other classes deemed pertinent and
timely for the CT ABC membership.  Formed OSHA Alliance with federal organization to enhance training programs offered by CT ABC.

Chairs: Scott Bidwell, EMCOR Services New England Mechanical / Adam Peters, KBE Building Corp.
John Able, Conn OSHA
Kris Ballard, Cianbro Corporation
Larry Barone, United Steel, Inc.
Stuart Bennett, Mizzy Construction, Inc.
David Bordeau, Industrial Riggers, Inc.
Bruce Briere, Sarazin General Contractors, Inc.
Brian Davies, Petra Construction Corporation
Peter Daws, BCI, Inc. D/B/A Butler Company
Chris Fryxell, CT ABC
Thomas Hanley, Associated Construction Company
Milton Jacons, Safety Solution Consultants, Inc.
Marko Kaar, Bartlett, Brainard & Eacott
Ron Madama, Crest Mechanical Services
Paul Mangiafico, OSHA-Hartford
Leona May, OSHA-Bridgeport
Bill Moran, Shepard Steel Co., Inc.
Jamie Prior, American Ladders & Scaffolds, Inc.
Steven Proteau, PeopleReady
Thomas Retano, Conn OSHA
Robert Suchenski, Travelers
Mark Wantroba, H.D. Segur, Inc.
Michael Ziskin, Field Safety Corporation