We Build Connecticut

We Build Connecticut 

Training and Developing People

CT ABC is dedicated to training the next generation of skilled construction industry professionals.  We believe that workforce development is one of the greatest challenges that construction faces today and we are committed to helping our members develop their workforce through apprenticeship, continuing education, professional development and safety training. 

Projects Built on Merit

CT ABC believes in free enterprise and that every construction project should be built on Merit. It is important that all branches of Government are responsible stewards of our taxpayer dollars and that they award projects fairly, to the lowest responsible and qualified bidder. 

Delivering Projects Safely, On Time, and On Budget

Construction projects are built on tough schedules often times with extremely tight budgets.  If you want contractors who will work to deliver these projects safely, on time, and within your budget – hire a CT ABC member.  Our contractors take pride in jobsite safety, many are STEP certified, and they create cultures of safety within their companies. They are the best skilled craftsmen in the business having helped build many public schools, healthcare facilities, State University projects, and infrastructure across Connecticut.  

Fighting Against Government Mandated PLAs

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) are special interest schemes that prevent fair and competitive bidding on public works projects.  PLAs drive up the cost of construction projects by reducing competition and effectively excluding non-union contractors and their employees from bidding and working on the job.  CT ABC advocates against the use of PLAs and encourages that all public construction projects be open to all qualified contractors to protect fairness and the interest of our taxpayers. Learn more about some failed Connecticut PLAs!.