Member Spotlight: Contractor Benefit Solutions

Contractor Benefit Solutions

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Through his 25 years working in benefits, and the last 12 years working primarily in contractor benefits, Brian Renaud developed an understanding that many of the hardworking professionals he was sitting down with were looking for more than just retirement plans.


“It just made sense,” Brian said of setting out on his own and starting Contractor Benefit Solutions. “I like to say that I’m an independent broker that still reps The Contractors Plan and that I’m one of the few focusing on contractors that do public work.”


Contractor Benefit Solutions helps contractors in all segments access and maintain specialized employee benefit plans that are advantageous for both a company and its employees. Their expertise includes reducing payroll tax and wage disparity, assisting contractors in submitting more competitive bids, and designing retirement programs that are built with compliance and asset maximization in mind.


“I want to be able to show you the tremendous impact that comes with allocating the fringe benefit portion of a prevailing wage to a bona-fide benefit plan,” says Brian. “And we’ll do all this while helping contractors stay compliant with the Davis Bacon Act, local wage ordinances, the Affordable Care Act, and more.”


Prior to setting out on his own, Brian worked for Fringe Benefit Group, a National Partner of ABC where he still holds strong ties. He was introduced to the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Chapters of ABC during his 12 years at Fringe Benefit Group, and credits his time there and the connections he made with helping him develop a sense of the type of full-service suite that best serves contractors.  


Outside of work, Brian started the Contractors Children’s Fund and hosts the fund’s annual Golf Tournament. The Tournament, now in its 8th year, raises funds for a multi-year scholarship for children who lost a parent at a young age. The scholarship provides $10,000 over 4 years supporting kids over their college careers.


“I lost my dad at a young age,” Brian says, “and I know how hard it was on my mom. It is so much to go through, so much to face, and I just want to be able to help kids get the education they need and not have to worry about that.”