Safety Committee

Are you a business owner or manager that needs help keeping up with the ever-changing safety regulations that are necessary to keep you up-to-date and competitive?  Why not take advantage of a resource available to you right here at CT ABC?

On the first Tuesday of every month, the CT ABC Safety Committee meets at our office.  The committee is comprised of full-time safety professionals from member companies, insurance carriers, safety consultants, OSHA, and Conn-OSHA.  Each meeting is normally dedicated to a specific subject, but all participants and questions are always welcome.  

The committee is a resource that can assist you with anything from how to set up a workable safety program, to giving you answers to specific safety questions and applications.

CT ABC Safety Committee

John Able - Conn OSHA
Kris Ballard - Cianbro Corporation
Lawrence Barone - United Steel, Inc.
Scott Bidwell - EMCOR Services New England Mechanical
David Bordeau - Industrial Riggers, Inc.
Bruce Briere - Sarazin General Conractors, Inc.
Brian Davies - Petra Construction Corporation
Peter Daws - BCI, Inc. D/B/A Butler Company
Thomas Hanley - Associated Construction Company
Steven Hasler - Modern Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Milton Jacobs - Safety Solution Consultants, Inc.
Marko Kaar - Bartlett, Brainard & Eacott
William Kavanagh - Safety Solution Consultants, Inc.
Ron Madama - Crest Mechanical Services
Paul Mangiafico - OSHA-Hartford
Leona May - OSHA-Bridgeport
Bill Moran - Shepard Steel Co., Inc.
Adam Peters - KBE Building Corporation
Jamie Prior - American Ladders & Scaffolds, Inc.
Steven Proteau - PeopleReady
Thomas Retano - Conn OSHA
Mark Stansfield - Tradesmen International, Inc.
Robert Suchenski - Travelers
Mark Wantroba - H.D. Segur, Inc.
Michael Ziskin - Field Safety Corporation

Want to join us or need more information?